Bedford River Festival

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next Bedford River Festival?

18 July 2020  – 19 Jul 2020

The Bedford River Festival happens every two years, Usually in mid July.

There is no Bedford River Festival 2019 but there are plenty of events happening on the river during 2019. Many of the details can be found in the Bedford River Users Group ~ 2019 River Great Ouse Events Diary 

Where can i find the offical website?

Bedford Borough Council website

Bedford Events Facebook page

Bedford Events Twitter page

Bedford Borough Council Facebook page

Bedford Borough Council Twitter page

Facebook: Bedford River Festival 2020 event

Where can i find information about having a stand at Bedford River Festival?

There is no current information on the next Bedford River Festival but information for 2018 can be found in the Trade Pitch Pack

Is it really Free?


When was the first Bedford River Festival?


What is the Purpose of this website?

There are multiple pages out there covering different parts of what is going on at the Bedford River Festival. The aim is to get this into one website where it can be searched. Want to know where you can refill your water bottle? What time are events happening on the main stage? What can you do for free? You noticed a sports club in the sports village but didn’t get the details? What shops and venues in Bedford are participating in Bedford River Festival events? we hope that this site can tell you the answer!

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